About Las Lajas


About Las Lajas

Las Lajas is a popular destination in the Republic of Panama mainly famous for its 15 km long beach, one of the best in the country. It’s located in the Gulf of Chiriquí of the Pacific Ocean, just a 15 minute drive from the Pan-american Highway. The beach is one of the more extended in all of Latin America so it’s never crowded and you feel as if it’s all for yourself. It’s the perfect place for families and a good option for learning to surf. The area is one of the main gates to explore the Ngöbe-Buglé indigenous region and offers wonderful landscapes to discover as well as many traditional celebrations all throughout the year. Las Lajas tourism official website will guide you to discover this gorgeous region. Plan your next holiday to Las Lajas!


How to reach Las Lajas by plane


Las Lajas and San Félix are easily accessible by bus; from/to the bus terminal in David (every 30 minutes max.) as well as from/to the Albrook bus terminal in Panama City with connections every hour (6 hour ride – 5 hours the night express bus). The stop is at the main intersection of San Félix and there are two ticket offices. If you travel to/from Santa Catalina you can take a direct shuttle booking here.

How to reach Las Lajas by car


The closest airport is E. Malek in David, 80 km from Las Lajas. It’s connected with flights from/to Panama City and San Jose, Costa Rica.  From the airport you can take a taxi to the bus terminal or rent a car.

How to reach Las Lajas by bus


Coming to Las Lajas by car is very simple. Drive on the Pan-american Highway until the San Félix intersection (follow the signs). The beach is 10 minutes from there. 

in the district

Moving around


Good roads connect the different areas of the district of San Félix: San Félix town is 2 km from the Pan American. Las Lajas town lays 2 km South and the beach is 13 km from the intersection.


Taxis are available at the bus stops and along the main roads of the district: just stop them. From the beach they need to be called.


A fleet of local buses goes from Las Lajas town to San Félix (and also to Remedios) every 20 minutes starting at 7:20 am. Wait on the main road and stop them. Rates from 35 to 60 cents. Soon the service will be extended to the beach during the weekends.

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Panamanian food and international cuisine are well represented in the district of San Félix. Just pick one!


Bird watching, horse riding and visiting indigenous villages are just some options of what you can do.


Don't worry! If you need some medical aid, you will find a hospital and a pharmacy in San Félix


Available on site several supermarkets and other services in San Félix and Las Lajas


You can find ATMs at the Panamerican intersection of San Félix and in the town center's banks (Banco Nacional and Cacechi)